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The aim of a company is to create opportunities and make sales, and if you want to be able to compete on a global scale then you need to put a variety of, if not all of these strategies in place.

Telemarketing and Telesales

This is one of the most successful methods of marketing. Telemarketing is the process by which a company creates leads and makes sales via the telephone. Adverts in magazines can be overlooked, billboards can go unnoticed and post can sometimes be unopened. A ringing phone however is always answered. This is one the easiest and best ways a company can speak directly to customers and to potential new customers. The marketeer gets the chance to explain the new product or service in detail and the customer has the chance to have their questions answered then and there. It is a match made in heaven.

Because of the volume of calls that can be made in a 24 hour period and the ease of contacting them it is one of the most cost effective methods for lead generation. The conversations are quick and the calls are rapid so many more people can be reached than say with face to face selling. Sales can be made in just a few minutes in fact. Businesses around the world recognize this as an effective way to generate leads.

Online Marketing

There can be no doubt that harnessing the power of the internet can bring great returns. Creating micro-sites in particular works well to create more interest about your brand. These work very well when hand in hand with email campaigns or broadcasts. A micro site can be dedicated to one particular product or the latest service offering and therefore able to provide all the necessary information that your main website hasn't the space for. Flash presentations and online banners are two other important ways the internet can be used to create successful lead generation.

Combined animation with clever captions or eye catching design can entice visitors to click the button straight to your site or micro site. Online newsletters also work extremely well and this is a popular approach around the world. With latest company news, giveaways, examples of case studies and news from your industry, newsletters can attract potential customers in their droves.

Media Advertising

Advertising is unlikely to ever stop working and therefore unlikely to ever disappear. The most successful advertising campaigns are carried out across a variety of media outlets. Studies have shown that an advert seen via three different media forms is more effective than one advert seen three times in one media outlet. That is why companies who utilise radio, television and print media for their advertising campaigns see positive returns on their investment.

Advertising still remains one of the best ways to generate substantial leads. Customers can be directed to a micro site to find out more or to a specific page on the website. Alternatively they can be invited to call in which links seamlessly in with some inbound telemarketing.

There are several ways that successful lead generation can be achieved as displayed above. Businesses do extremely well when they combine a variety of these strategies. If you have a business and you would like to see greater returns then adopting a variety of digital marketing solutions could really help.

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